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Karnan Movie Download opens with a scene of a girl who is not over 10, suffering a fatal seizure in the middle of a road. No one comes to her rescue and she stops moving after a while. As she lies there quietly, you can spot an oncoming bus whose driver seems to be unaware of the girl lying on the road, or so thinks you. And you know once in a while she’ll be right under the wheels of the bus.

Karnan Tamil Movie Story

  • Release date: 9 April 2021 (India)
  • Director: Mari Selvaraj
  • Box office: est. ₹63 crore
  • Music by: Santhosh Narayanan

You watch the scene with horror as it does at the end. The bus runs over him, and then another. This happens again and again because no one stops to help the little girl. The girl on the main street is a metaphor. Like a street dog, she is left alone on the street as if her young life has no value. The overwhelming feelings that arise in you in the opening scene will only get stronger when you see how dehumanizing a community of people is.

It is pointless to discuss Karnan’s story. It is unfair to measure this film in terms of story and whether you agree with the logic of the narration. This film needs to be experienced emotionally and visually. It is an estimation of the suffering of generations of people who have been subjected to unspeakable atrocities because of their place in the caste hierarchy. For example, standing up for one’s self-respect is suicidal. Demanding basic human rights is tantamount to demanding death for the entire village.

A high-ranking soldier is desperate for blood just because his pride was hurt when the village chief refused to remove the towel around his head. He also did not like that the men of the village did not bow down before him and looked into his eyes.

He is not worried about the brutality committed by the villagers. He would let it slip, only if the villagers bowed before him. We read and watch news about caste based violence and move on with our comfortable lives. But, Karnan won’t let you do that. The film will take you in and make you feel what it takes to be a deeply persecuted community. It is even more difficult to imagine that in real life people have endured and still endure tragedies that are not far away from us.

Director Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan is a revolutionary, unlike Pariyeram Perumal, he does not tolerate humiliation by lying down. Karnan is fearless and when needed he strikes back to our satisfaction. We see Dhanush’s Karna bursting into anger and attacking public property.

But, you don’t feel angry at him for destroying assets funded by taxpayers. Instead, you understand his anger and see the futility of the existence of assets that don’t really help the needy. What they do is that they add more fanfare to the already heightened pride of those in power, giving them a superiority complex to mistreat the less privileged.

Karnan is also brilliant cinematically. The cinematography of Theni Ishwar depicts the struggles of the villagers and their savior Karnan. There are many amazing pictures in the film which will leave a deep impression on you. And Santhosh Narayanan’s score, especially the portrayal of Kanda Vara Solunga, is a sight to behold.

Dhanush has left behind his stardom and embraced the non-glamorous features of his character with great conviction. He has given a genuine performance as an angry young man who can no longer sacrifice his self-respect just to be alive. Lal, Rajisha Vijayan, Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli, Yogi Babu, Gauri Ji Kishan, all the little kids, all the old people, the module dog, the horse and even a donkey will impress you.

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